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Food Plant Solutions - Rotarian Action Group

Food Plant Solutions - Rotarian Action Group

May 2, 2011

Great news! - the official web page for Food Plant Solutions is on the way. Please be patient.

Please consider registering your interest in saving children's lives through a proven food-plant program that works well in emerging communities. You can JOIN or register your interest here ---> MORE.

"Food Plant Solutions" is an official Rotarian Action Group. This Rotarian Action Group operates in accordance with Rotary International policy,  but is not an agency of,  or controlled by,  Rotary International.

Through the world-wide membership of Rotarians, their clubs, and friends and contacts, Food Plant Solutions promotes the growing of local foods to aid health, nutrition and food security - generally in developing communities. The goal is to ensure that adequate food in all seasons will be easily grown by locals. In most communities these foods are readily identified using the resources, experience and training offered by Learn<>Grow. These resources will be gradually offered free on our official web page.

Learn<>Grow is a principal resource used by Food Plant Solutions when services are offered. Please visit the Learn<>Grow website shown in the panel to the right. Thank you

In addition, the contact details for the Board Members are also listed on the named page. On another page you can read the straight-forward draft showing the Relationship between Learn<>Grow and Food Plant Solutions.

Here is something to do now! Please take just two minutes to listen to this message.